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My last subject has been decided - actually turned out to be a simpler decison than I thought.  I had visions of very limited choices, and having to choose something hideous as my last subject, especially as I need to do a 3rd year English Literature subject to complete my English major (my Communications & Cultural Studies major is complete).  I have also done a number of subjects with the lecturer, so he is a known product.  Hopefully he has updated his jokes since I last did a subject with him, funny little Quebecois that he is.  So I shall be doing ENG374: From Page to Screen.  The subject decription is:

"This subject examines the two different worlds of literature and film as separate entities; it also examines the 'third' world that they create when they come together. At issue will be the debate over the appropriateness and success of the process of adaptation that has raged since the very beginnings of the film industry. Although the subject will examine some of the many difficulties which are encountered when a written text is brought to the screen, or when a film is translated into a novel, an important focus of the subject will be devoted to the theoretical areas of the debate covered in adaptation theory, using numerous literary and filmic examples both past and present."


I can handle reading books and watching movies for my last subject.

Behind the cut is the list of subjects that has brought me to this point (more for my reference, than anything else).

Nineteen down, one to go. )

Can I just say, that the sentence "26 days till Christmas" fills me with fear and terror.  Really have to get my act together re presents, cards etc etc etc.


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