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The tall, long-haired one in our family, sometimes known as Jake, is quite loquacious after a few beers.  Today he had a job interview, and was successful, so he is currently more loquacious than normal.  Granted it is just a 'do you want to buy this vacuum cleaner' job (shades of Daffy Duck and the Little Gem cleaner, but I digress, and quite possibly show my age), but at least he'll get some cash injection from his own toil (hoo-bloody-ray!!, welcome to the REAL world son).  However, I'm trying to re-watch Lost before the new ep this week, and he's all "you complain about me not talking to you, and now I do, what's your problem?".  Parents everywhere, at whatever age your children are, accept and understand that these beings that you have created are the most manipulative, diabolical and conniving creatures that you will ever encounter.  They will cry ceaselessly as you drop them off to pre-school - once you ring you will find out they stopped crying two seconds after you left, but you will be guilt-ridden for the rest of the day.  They will look mournfully at you because you can't help out in the classroom, although that is the last thing they really want.  They will say how pleased they are that you volunteer for high school canteen, but make sure they are in the 'other' line.  They will communicate with grunts, unless they feel it is time to make you feel guilty for whatever supposed infraction.  Parents, accept the fact that we have raised a generation smarter, faster and more cunning than we were, and your life will be simpler, easier, and less stressful. 

Viva the youth of today!!!!  Pass me another wine ...


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