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Ok, I've finally worked out the bad boy / good girl obsession as I've just spent much internet time catching up on Days of Our Lives since I read that Patch and Kayla are returning (we're a few months behind downunder, but not as much as we used to since the show was fast-tracked about 3 years, a few months ago).  In my stay-at-home with baby days Patch and Kayla were my obsession, totally and completely.  I guess I transferred that to other relationships later on, Buffy/Spike, Veronica/Logan, and I think in some ways Aeryn/John, although that's gender transgressive, as Aeryn's the bad girl and John's the good boy.  C'mon we all love the bad boy!!

Well, that's the epiphany for the day.  Back to uni stuff.
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In between hacking up a lung or two, and overdosing on LemSip, honey and whiskey, I just wanted to say ...


[personal profile] sweet_ali

Hope you have/had a fabulous day!!!

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The boys have sent their icky cold germs to me, and now I have a sore throat ... good old antibiotics to the rescue, but at the moment I feel like death warmed up.  Back to bed for me.

Nothing much else to report.  Need to do some research for my meeting with Honours supervisor on Wed, but that will have to wait till I can concentrate a little better ::stupid cold virus::
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First a couple of LJ housekeeping matters ...

I know it's not the 14th in the States yet, but it is here, so

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I was tagged a couple days ago by [ profile] egirl for a quote meme (random quotes can be found here.

Here are five quotes that I think reflect who I am or what I believe. )

Now to other matters ...

My mother has decided to stay where she is. Someone must have been able to talk some sense into her.

Still bogged down trying to write my 100 word thesis summary - better get back to it.
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Not happy with my title - have to re-work it, but I have no idea where I'm heading or what I want to say.  All I do know is that I have to have a 20 word title and 100 word summary (aims, objectives, outcomes) by Wednesday next week for assessment.  I'm off to read the following;

  • Women in film noir
  • Teen TV : genre, consumption, identity
  • Action chicks : new images of tough women in popular culture
  • Quality popular television : cult TV, the industry and fans
  • The warrior women of television: a feminist cultural analysis of the new female body in popular media

I may be awhile.

ETA:  Maybe "Buffy and Veronica:  Girl Heroes.  Genre, Gender and Identity in Teen TV" ... maybe ...

I'm also living in kerfuffle denial ::adopts bad German accent:: I hear nothing, I see nothing, I know nothing!!

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Got the go ahead from the Honours Co-ordinator to drop a subject, so that's a relief.  I'm continuing with Research Methods and dropping US Literature, mostly because Research Methods is not credited (we have to do it but there are no marks for it), and there are no essays/assignments as such.  There seems to be a quantum leap from third year subjects to Honours subjects - instead of 1500-2500 words for an essay, it's 3000-4000 words, and secondary research is expected at a much higher level.  Obviously I had some idea that working at Honours level would be different to other undergraduate classes - I just don't think I'm ready at the moment, all things considered.  Next year all will be good :she says, crossing various appendages::

Part of the work we are doing in Research Methods is putting together a mock funding application for our thesis.  This of course means I have to know what my thesis is - uh oh ...  so by next week I have to have a Project Title - 20 words or less - what is my thesis about, and a Summary of the Project - in a 100 words summarise aims, significance and expected outcomes.  Supposedly by the end of the semester I will also have written my introductory chapter for said thesis, but in the meantime back to that Project Title & Summary.  I can feel my brain hurting already.
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Random thought - I've been thinking that I should create another LJ just for my personal rants - I was thinking that my user tag could be DireDebDownUnder.  I would have no flist and therefore none of you would have to put up with my moaning and groaning - does that sound like a plan?

Fandom stuff - on my re-watch of Veronica Mars I was reminded of how much I enjoy clever TV writing and why VM reminds me of BtVS; the intertextual referencing is such a joy i.e. Veronica and Mac turning up at Clemmons house and doing the whole Rocky Horror routine, or in 2:21 when Woody checks in to the lodge under the name of Underhill, my little Lord of the Rings heart went pitter patter - although when I pointed it out to J, he didn't get it, but then I explained to him that if you read the trilogy once a year for 10 years or so (from 15 to 25 or thereabouts), you probably would.  Does that make me a nerd, or just a fanatic??

Why I download - this week Australian TV is showing the 3rd or 4th episode of Season 9 of Stargate SG-1, and Season 2 of Battlestar Galactica is starting.  Bones begins next week.  Veronica Mars (Season 1) which started airing in December last year at 8:30pm on Fridays and ended at episode 10, and then re-started several weeks ago on Friday night at 9:30pm, is now shifting to 10:30pm.  I download because I can and to save the little of my sanity that remains!
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Happy Birthday to [profile] amybnnyc for the 26th and [personal profile] kassto for the 27th.
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My boys didn't forget my birthday this year ( they must have really learnt their lesson last year).  J got me a box of chocolates, and better yet, I got a kiss and a hug from him (very rare indeed).  BM got me a six pack of Little Creatures Pale Ale, very much appreciated, and I bought myself the latest Harry Dresden novel (according to Amazon it has shipped!) , my bestest RL friend (who shares my Sci-fi/Fantasy/Gothic Horror/Noir fetish) gave me a bottle of Rose and a lovely pair of Spanish silver earrings bought on her latest trip overseas, and I had cash from Ma and Ma-in-law but J's fees for his course will gobble that up - doesn't matter, it's more important for him to get a start in his career than for me to buy selfish stuff anyway, comes with the one-income family gig - sometimes someone has to compromise (ETA - WOW, is that a major run-on sentence, or what?).

Thank you for your birthday wishes, much appreciated.
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He starts next Tuesday.  Hoo*bloody*ray!
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Gender identity. Popular culture. Noir. Gothic. Veronica. Buffy. Female empowerment.

Eek - just had my meeting with my Honours supervisor. She's very excited about my thesis - not sure whether I am anymore ;-)! Looks like I have a lot of research in front of me. The intro alone will run to several pages as I have to look at the literary history of the genres I'm dealing with, so I'll have to look at the advent of hard boiled detectives and noir, and it's evolution from books to film to television in the case of Veronica Mars. Buffy is another matter all together - it's such a mix of genres, not sure where to start. What do you think Flisters?

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These images are doing the e-mail rounds, and NO I'm not bitter!!

We was robbed, ... robbed I tell you!!!!!!!


Jun. 27th, 2006 02:56 am
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Still we did good - no-one thought we'd get this far.

Stupid penalties.
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I don't think I can bear the suspense.
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Or maybe a lemming.

In what will become known as the great rush of 2006 I have created a journal over at Greatest Journal - not sure why but all the cool kids are doing it - and just in case someone else has been wanting to steal my downunderdeb moniker!  I'm paid up on LJ till August so hopefully that will give me time to work out whether the proposed changes to LJ are good or bad.

P.S.  One Two thousand icons available on Greatest Journal and free - WHOA!

I've been busy trying to catch up on sleep lost due to soccer this week, and in preparation for another late night/morning on Tuesday when the Socceroos play Italy.
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I can't say my photoshop skills are improving, but I did manage to avoid housework for three hours today.  

Must eventually go back and fiddle with layout colours and sideboxes etc.
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J refused to watch Veronica Mars after Paris Hilton guest starred - he has certain principles after all.  However, the local TV station that showed only 10 episodes of S1 before taking it off air, is now bringing it back and using Joss' praise of the show (Best. Show. Ever.) to advertise it.  J has obviously decided that Joss is more worthy of attention than his own mother ::sigh, situation normal::  He has started to watch my dvds tonight ... although that may also be because the newest Deadwood is taking a hell of a long time to download.

Australia vs Japan tonight!!!!!!  And I don't even follow soccer ... but we're in the World Cup ... for the first time in 32 years, and no-one rates us a chance.  To be an Aussie, you have to love the underdog, and we love the best and strongest when we are THE underdog.  Go the Socceroos!!!!!!!
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BM and J were scheduled to go away for a couple of days on BM's bike (BMW K1100 thingie) but they sort of forgot that J was only 16 the last time he pillioned with BM, and this time he's bigger, taller, heavier, and the bike was fully loaded with panniers, and sleeping bags, and of course it was raining, so they had on all their heavy wet-weather gear, and there simply wasn't enough room for both of them on the bike to travel comfortably or safely, so around the block they rode, back into the garage, and threw all their stuff into the car instead, and an hour later started the trip again.

Must admit I feel better knowing that they're in the car - madness ensues on the roads when it's wet, and it's a long weekend here (happy belated birthday dear Queen Lizzie), so the roads will be busy with holiday traffic.  J was happy, he got to take the laptop so he can finish watching S2 Deadwood, if he gets bored talking to BM's mates.  J has expressed an interest in getting a motorbike himself (yikes!), so BM thought it would be a good opportunity to talk to other riders and discuss bikes etc etc, PLUS father/son bonding.  Oh, I wish I could be a fly on the wall for those particular moments.  BM and J are so similar that I usually end up being the referee.  This time they can fight it out themselves.

So it's just us girls for the next couple of days (that's me and my little dog Anya).  I'm enjoying the peace and quiet - no X-Box game blaring in the background from J's room or music that would make your ears bleed leaking out of the computer room.  I'm currently sitting at the computer, having a beer and watching the rain fall out the window.  Bliss.

ETA:  In preparation for the Soccer World Cup I'm watching Bend It Like Beckham (great little film) - not that I'm expecting much from the World Cup - after all we have drawn Brazil in our group.  After 32 years you would have thought the soccer Gods would have been kinder ... oh well, Australia will have a brief glimpse of soccer fame ...  ... ... 
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  1. World pain - a wonderful phrase, especially since LJ just gobbled up my post that I spent 30 minutes composing.  I'll never reprise it all ::kicks stupid LJ::

  2. Feeling that inevitable letdown now that the semester is over, considering that if I wasn't a masochist and continuing to Honours, I could be graduating with my BA in July.  Why was it a good idea to continue?

  3. Was contacted by my possible Honours supervisor today - why do the following sentences fill me with academic terror - "GD contacted me about supervising your Honours thesis on Buffy and Veronica Mars. It would be great to meet up with you to hear more about your ideas and to discuss a forward plan."  Arrrggghhhh ... what have I gotten myself into?

  4. LJ cartharsis - if you think I'm incredibly boring and can't remember why you added me to your flist, please feel free to 'unfriend' me.  I won't be emotionally distraught or suicidal if you want to be set free of me - most days I'd like to be set free of me, so I completely understand and won''t hold it against you.

  5. I'm totally loving the new Dr Who, and yes I DO like David Tennant, regardless of his perceived faults.  I'm also mightily pleased that I've finally converted the offspring to Dr Who - he was just as pissed off with the words "to be continued" as I was!

  6. My 7 week hiatus from academia will be spent watching S2 Battlestar Galactica, The Lone Gunmen (finally available at a reasonable price for Region 4 dvd), Roswell (it's a thing, don't ask), S1 & S2 Veronica Mars and S1 & S2 Deadwood.

  7. I have nothing else - should probably go to bed.
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